I’d love to say it’s been a slow-paced eeeeasy and quiet summer with long, lazy mornings and a lot of lounging around, until I think about exactly what that would look like.  I think we’d last about 3 days. It SOUNDS dreamy, sort of, but as a family we all thrive on a faster pace, days filled with activities and friends, and of course a little adventure.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a day where we’re all in our ‘jamamas’ a little later than we should be (especially if there is a thunderstorm outside) but we are all much happier when we’re busy.  That’s definitely been the case this summer – this photo of my girls mimics my summer in the studio as well – quite a ride – traveling for sessions, spending time with some of my favorite families, and capturing life for so many new clients as well – all while trying to squeeze in as much of my own family fun as I can.

Gearing up for what looks like my busiest fall yet, but in the short term, hoping to make as many trips down the slide as we can!  Wooohoooo summer!

the omni homestead water slide

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