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Of all the pharmacies in all the towns in all the world…I walk into hers.  I wanted to share this story last year, but we were on vacation and then it slipped my mind.  Last year, my family and I spent spring break in Beaver Creek skiing, and to say it was the best trip we’ve ever taken, would be an understatement.  So we’re on our way from the Denver airport, driving to BC and we decide we need to hit a pharmacy to pick up a few things before we get there.  Time that with 2 little people who needed a potty break and we end up exiting at Frisco, Co.  We walk into the pharmacy, back to the counter to ask the pharmacist a question and I see this very recognizable-but-out-of-context face and at the same time she does the double take of me and so begins the WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? conversation.  What a fun surprise to see “my Colorado client” behind the counter at her work so unexpectedly.  Of course we laughed, had a quick chat and then she runs back to her office and returns holding her family Christmas card photo from her desk!  I love how small the world is, and love seeing this beautiful bunch when they come east in the fall for updated family portraits.  And hopefully, we’ll be back skiing in Colorado sooner than later!  To see more of this session and other studio happenings be sure to find us on instagram @heathercrowder

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