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The only thing better than a room full of Maine Cottage furniture is a room full of Maine Cottage furniture with fabulous art on the walls!  I recently photographed the artists currently being featured in the new MC Art Gallery and was completely wow’d by their work.  My friend/client Liz Lind has been working with MC for some time, and one of her pieces from their collaborative collection hangs in my bedroom (with a soon-to-arrive Low-Tide table in HOT LIME – yes, that’s right hot lime) beneath it!

Since I’m dreaming of the beach on this dreary, rainy day, I’ll add artist Kim Hovell’s portrait with a few of her beautiful coastal paintings, along with Liz Lind hard at work.


Liz Lind Artist

maine cottage artist kim hovell



A few spots remain for our upcoming Women’s Professional Headshot event on April 23!  I have heard so many times over the years from clients, friends, and other professional women that they are in desperate need of a headshot for Linkedin, facebook, their business website, etc that isn’t simply a photo they cropped themselves out of from vacation 4 years ago.  Yes, I know who you are, because I am on Linkedin 🙂  YOU are your brand, and your image is one of your most important business tools.  Social media is now the driving force of marketing for businesses of all sizes, and imagery is a big part of that.  More than just a flattering photograph, an updated, professional headshot is important in conveying who you are to your target audience, and what you want to communicate to your potential client.

Our caterer is at the ready (to make it a party), and I’m teaming up with a fabulous hair stylist from Hudson & Fouquet, and a Bobbi Brown make-up artist to pamper you a bit, and help create images of YOU that you love.  Take a little time out of the craziness which is your schedule and spend it here with us – not only will you leave looking fabulous, but we will have captured that beauty in camera.  No excuses – we can’t make it any easier for you!

Contact Laura about scheduling – 410.263.2505 or email laura at

Here are a few images, but you can see more examples on the link for the commercial photography page of our website  COMMERCIAL IMAGES

professional headshot photographer

Dear Heaven,

You got a new angel today.  He may be hard to spot because he will be running as fast as his little legs can carry him.  But you’ll find him, because his smile will light up everyone around him and his laugh will be heard for miles.  Please find a way to let his momma know he’s there and playing as free as can be. Mac you have made an imprint on me, and all that you touched.  Rest in peace little Champion.

Live Like A Champion


but who’s counting?  WE ARE! A little glimpse of last summer to bring this summer a little closer 🙂

annapolis child photographer