I know what we’ll be doing Sunday night at 9pm – watching the Terps Women’s Basketball team matched up in the Final Four against UConn!  It’s been a thrilling inaugural B1G season for Coach Brenda Frese and her team, earning both B1G Coach of the Year and the B1G Championship.  Watching them play, it’s easy to see that the players leave nothing on the court, but I’d venture to say that their fearless leader isn’t too many steps behind them in ground covered from tip-off to the end buzzer.  I spent some time with this sweet family early last fall, just before all of the madness and excitement of the 2014-2015 season really kicked off.

We’ll be cheering from Annapolis on Sunday night, but not nearly as loud as Coach Frese’s three biggest fans courtside!  GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!  #bringhomethattrophy

MD Terps coach frese basketball

While the photographer’s away, the artist will play!  And paint!  And show her beautiful work!  I’ve invited Annapolis artist Kim Hovell, best known for her beautiful Chesapeake Bay oysters, to take over the studio from March 14 – 21.  During the week that she calls the studio home, Kim will debut an exhibition entitled “Salt Work” which will include original paintings and prints of oysters, as well as new works featuring shark’s teeth and abstract scenes.

On Thursday, March 19th, at 6pm, Kim will be hosting an artist’s reception in conjunction with Maryland Avenue’s “Maryland, Oh Maryland” special event day to kick off Maryland Day festivities.

We hope to see you!


Yes.  I mean YES!  It was THAT much fun.  Oldest, Middle, & Youngest (how they are most often referred) came into the studio for a shoot for YEC magazine and while I anticipated having a few laughs with them, I had NO idea what I was really in for.  There was apple throwing.  There was dropping of the occasional  frequent f-bomb.  There were lots of sparkling teeth.  Like tv toothpaste commercial sparkling.  Collectively, the biggest personalities that have come through my door, and I loved every minute of working with them.  Commercial and editorial jobs like this one are especially fun when I LOVE the product, as I do in this case.  I swear I remember the first day they were in Whole Foods – taste-tasting and dropping bottles of Tessamae’s into the carts of shoppers who couldn’t say no to those smiles, or the fact that it was the best dressing they had ever tasted.  We have at least a half dozen bottles in our fridge at any given time, and I’m waiting for the next flavor (yeah, I’m talking to you Youngest).  Thanks to YEC for trusting me to bring these guys to life on your cover!

YEC Vetter magazine coverVetter Tessamae's

While I am 100% a Terp at heart, I was over the moon about being on the sidelines and photographing the Penn State Football home opener this past fall.  Thrilled for Coach Franklin’s winning first season, with many more images to come, but wanted to kick off a Friday with this one because it’s how I’m feeling about not having anything on my calendar tomorrow, except for spending the day in my jammies with my family!  Coach Spence gettin’ some air!

penn state football