March 29 – contact us now to schedule!

It’s that time again!  Our Women’s Professional Headshot Event is scheduled for March 29 – in our downtown Annapolis portrait studio.   Jo & Nicole will be returning to bring out your most beautiful you, with professional make-up and hair. Add our styling help and we’ll ensure that you’re camera ready (and then some!).  Making the day even more amazing for you, is catering by Bowl of Cherries – we’ll have a mimosa waiting for you when you arrive!

Don’t love the camera?  We hear you and it’s that sentiment that ‘created’ these events – Heather’s relaxed style of shooting makes it painless – we promise 😉  We’d love to help you convey who you are to your audience – a few spots remain – contact the studio ASAP for more details and to secure your time on our schedule.


I’d love to say it’s been a slow-paced eeeeasy and quiet summer with long, lazy mornings and a lot of lounging around, until I think about exactly what that would look like.  I think we’d last about 3 days. It SOUNDS dreamy, sort of, but as a family we all thrive on a faster pace, days filled with activities and friends, and of course a little adventure.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a day where we’re all in our ‘jamamas’ a little later than we should be (especially if there is a thunderstorm outside) but we are all much happier when we’re busy.  That’s definitely been the case this summer – this photo of my girls mimics my summer in the studio as well – quite a ride – traveling for sessions, spending time with some of my favorite families, and capturing life for so many new clients as well – all while trying to squeeze in as much of my own family fun as I can.

Gearing up for what looks like my busiest fall yet, but in the short term, hoping to make as many trips down the slide as we can!  Wooohoooo summer!

the omni homestead water slide

I know what we’ll be doing Sunday night at 9pm – watching the Terps Women’s Basketball team matched up in the Final Four against UConn!  It’s been a thrilling inaugural B1G season for Coach Brenda Frese and her team, earning both B1G Coach of the Year and the B1G Championship.  Watching them play, it’s easy to see that the players leave nothing on the court, but I’d venture to say that their fearless leader isn’t too many steps behind them in ground covered from tip-off to the end buzzer.  I spent some time with this sweet family early last fall, just before all of the madness and excitement of the 2014-2015 season really kicked off.

We’ll be cheering from Annapolis on Sunday night, but not nearly as loud as Coach Frese’s three biggest fans courtside!  GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!  #bringhomethattrophy

MD Terps coach frese basketball

While the photographer’s away, the artist will play!  And paint!  And show her beautiful work!  I’ve invited Annapolis artist Kim Hovell, best known for her beautiful Chesapeake Bay oysters, to take over the studio from March 14 – 21.  During the week that she calls the studio home, Kim will debut an exhibition entitled “Salt Work” which will include original paintings and prints of oysters, as well as new works featuring shark’s teeth and abstract scenes.

On Thursday, March 19th, at 6pm, Kim will be hosting an artist’s reception in conjunction with Maryland Avenue’s “Maryland, Oh Maryland” special event day to kick off Maryland Day festivities.

We hope to see you!


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