I rarely sneak peek anymore. Ok, who am I kidding, I rarely blog anymore lol, but had to pop this onto the blog this morning as a reminder to myself to sloooooow down a bit.  Something a little different from me, but I love the calm serenity in this image, which is quite the contrast to this Dad’s typical fast-paced day.  With so many moms and dads juggling countless responsibilities, or as I like to say “going full speed on the hamster wheel” it’s a good reminder to slow down, take a walk with our kids, and just enjoy the breeze on your face.  Now, if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying that breeze on a Florida beach, more power to you, but in any case, just take a deep breath and enjoy the view wherever you are, and most importantly, the ones walking beside you.

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Still using a cropped vacation photo for your Linkedin profile?  Is the lighting so bad on your business’ facebook profile that you can’t tell it’s you?  Join us (a few spots remain) for another day of being pampered, having your hair and make-up done professionally and then being photographed looking your absolute BEST!  We had such a great time with round 1 that we’re offering them again! Contact Laura@heathercrowder.com or at 410.279.1488 about what times are still available!  We hope to see you!

professional headshots

Who says you have to wear a suit for a professional headshot?  Not this stunning entrepreneur, that’s for sure!  We recently had a fun-filled and busy day in the studio downtown- photographing professional women with a vast array of careers.  Prior to coming in, we encouraged each of our clients to bring a few different clothing options, that best fit their style, and what they wanted to convey about themselves to THEIR clients.  On site, prior to having their hair and make-up professionally done (thanks to Jo from Bobbi Brown, and Nicole from Hudson & Fouquet) we discussed their options and settled on the looks that we felt best suited them.  I’ll be sharing more of those images, but in the meantime, here’s a favorite of Kristen, owner/operator of Lil Lamb Shop here on Maryland Avenue!

If you’d like to join us for our next professional headshot day – contact the studio now to reserve your spot for June 11 – time slots are going quickly!

women professional headshot


The only thing better than a room full of Maine Cottage furniture is a room full of Maine Cottage furniture with fabulous art on the walls!  I recently photographed the artists currently being featured in the new MC Art Gallery and was completely wow’d by their work.  My friend/client Liz Lind has been working with MC for some time, and one of her pieces from their collaborative collection hangs in my bedroom (with a soon-to-arrive Low-Tide table in HOT LIME – yes, that’s right hot lime) beneath it!

Since I’m dreaming of the beach on this dreary, rainy day, I’ll add artist Kim Hovell’s portrait with a few of her beautiful coastal paintings, along with Liz Lind hard at work.


Liz Lind Artist

maine cottage artist kim hovell